Sapt Kund – Unknown Valley of Flowers

SaptKund is a group of seven high-altitude lakes perched at an elevation of 5,000 mts approxiamtely in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. The lakes reside on the base of the majestic Nanda Ghunti peak and are considered sacred by the Hindus. One has to cover a 30 Km (Approx) one side trek to reach Saptkund. The trek is a moderate to difficult trek as the route is quite steep and there are no villages in the route. However, the beautiful views and dense forests along with splendid Himalayan peaks give visitors a tranquil environment.

The sparsely known trail offers peace and serenity as very few trekkers venture there as well as the adventurous feel of exploring an almost unknown territory.

The highlight of the Sapt Kund lake trek is going through Simbe Bugyal (meadows) – the unknown valley of flowers – where you find kilometers of meadows covered with flowers of so many varieties. Of course you have to choose a right weather to witness this lost valley of flower. Best time is during August-September.

Life moves at a slow rhythm and with utmost tranquility and peace. The beauty of nature can not be described by words nor can be captured in any frame of photography. Though, it is not an easy trek, and is bit strenuous, but it is not technical which makes it doable for any trekker who is physically fit and likes challenges offered by the Himalayas. The trek involves steep climbs and descends, and some of the patches has no defined trail.

Duration: 12 Days, Rishikesh to Rishikesh
Altitude: 17060 ft
Grade: Moderate
Best Time: August – November
Terrain: Forest, alpine meadows
Start Point: Gooni
End Point: Gooni


Day 1.

Arrive at Ghat or Ghuni Village-Drive.

Day 2.

Trek from Ghuni Village to Dhouldhari.

Day 3.

Trek from Dhouldhari to Patharkuni.

Day 4.

Trek from Patharkuni to Simbe Bugyal.

Day 5.

Trek from Simbe Bugyal to Sapt kund back to Simbe Bugyal.

Day 6.

Descent from Simbe Bugyal to Patharkuni.

Day 7.

Descent from Patharkuni to Peri.

Day 8.

Descent from Peri to Ghat.

Day 9.

Drive rom Ghat to Rishikesh.