Panch Kedar- Abode of Shiva

The name Himalayas evokes different emotions. For some it is the land of high mountains and wonderful sceneries. Many others consider the territory as the divine sanctuary impregnated with mysteries surrounding enlightened wandering ascetics, mystic yogis and tibetan lamas possessing supernatural powers. The mountains are the universities of spiritual knowledge where, over the the centuries, the unbroken chain of Himalayan Yogis conducted meditative experiments to explore the secrets of mind and consciousness while metamorphising into highly evolved and self-realised beings. It is also a land of legends and myths.

The mountains also hold several ancient Hindu temples of importance. Panchkedar consists of five Shiva temples (Kedarnath, Madhamaheshwar,Tunganath, Rudranath and Kalpeshwar) spread 140 km over the Uttarakhand Himalayas – accessible by trekking on the steep mountain footpaths , crossing scores of water falls , beautiful meadows and virgin villages perched on the mountain peaks and deep forests ruled by bears, leopards and deers. Legends link these temple to the famous epic, Mahabharata, who were searching for Shiva, who eluded them for very long. It is believed that he later appeared, in five different parts, in different regions of Garhwal. Pandavas, built these five temples, the Panch Kedars, to celebrate and worship Shiva.

Duration: 15 Days,
Altitude: 12073 ft
Grade: Moderate
Best Time: May to October
Terrain: Forest, alpine meadows, rocky
Start Point: Uttarkashi
End Point: Urgam


1. Kedarnath 3584 m/ 11,756 ft
2. Madmaheshwar 3,497 m/ 11,473.1ft
3. Tungnath 3,680m/  12,073 ft
4. Rudranath 3286m/ 7,500 ft
5. Kalpeshwar 2200m / 7,217 ft


Day 1.

Uttarkashi – Gaurikund - Drive.

Day 2.

Gauri Kund – Kedarnath trek – 10 km.

Day 3.

Kedarnath (Total 20 Kms Trek).

Day 4.

Kedarnath – Gaurikund-Ukhimath 20 km Trek ; 60km Drive.

Day 5.

Ukhimath– Ransi – Gaundhar 30 km Drive ; 6km Trek.

Day 6.

Gaundhar – Madhyamaheshwar 10 km Trek.

Day 7.

Madhyamaheshwar – Ransi 16km Trek.

Day 8.

Ransi – Ukhimath – Chopta 60 km Drive.

Day 9.

Chopta – Tungnath – Chopta 7km Trek.

Day 10.

Chopta – Sagar – Lyunti Bugyaal 30km Drive ; 10km Trek.

Day 11.

Lyunti Bugyaal – Panar – Rudranath 10km Trek.

Day 12.

Rudranath – Dumak 16km Trek.

Day 13.

Dumak – Urgam 14km Trek.

Day 14.

One extra back up day.

Day 15.

Urgam – Kalpeshwar – Urgam – roadhead trek and drive to Badrinath 6km Trek ; Drive.

Gaurikund – Kedarnath – Gaurikund – Ukhimath – Ransi – Gaundhar – Madhyamaheshwar – Ransi

Ukhimath – Chopta – Tungnath /(Chandrashila) – Chopta – Sagar

Lyunti – Panaar – Rudranath – Panaar – Toli taal – Dumak – Kalgot – Urgam – Kalpeshwar – Urgam – Helang – Badrinath (via Joshimath)


Altitude:-3584 m/11756 ft

Setting:-Lying in Rudraprayag district of the northern state of Uttarakhand

Devoted to lord Shiva, Kedarnath is amongst the most visited temples in northern India. It is placed amidst the striking mountain peaks, creating an imperturbable and unflustered ambience. Constructed of massive stone, the interiors of the temple are festooned with designs of different gods, and pictures of legends. Moreover, the steps leading to the temple have words in Pali.

Dating back to Mahabharata time when Pandavas did penance here to please Lord Shiva for having killed their own kin and kiths, the holy place is named in respect of king Kedar, the ruler of Satya Yuga. The famous place Vrindavan has been named in respect of his daughter Vrinda, embodiment of goddess Lakshmi, who had carried out severity for 60000 years.

The temple is not only famous for its implication, but possesses wonderful sights of Mother Nature, which are simply amazing and breathtaking.


Altitude:-3,497 m/11,473.1ft

Setting: – Nestled in the Mansuna village of Garhwal Himalayas in Uttarakhand

Mythology has it that the navel (belly) of Shiva came into view at Madmaheshwar temple. The shrine is gifted with spiritual and untarnished surroundings and like the other temples; it also has a captivating story. Most interestingly, peaks of Kedarnath and Neelkanth are discernible from the temple.

It is 16 KM trek that begins from Ransi, which is the end of road. The hike takes ones through beautiful lush greenery, mesmerizing vistas of gushing waters and lustrous meadows nurtured by a superb environment that can make anyone rapt for a while. It would be quite difficult for all the pilgrims to get their eyes off the breathtaking sceneries.


Altitude: – 3,680m/12,073 ft

Setting: – Situated on the Chandrashila Parbat in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand

This thousand years old constructed temple has something for everyone, be it spiritually inclined, adventure freaks or nature lovers.Here, lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of arms. This ancient shrine was constructed in north Indian style of shrine structure design. Since it is not big in size, at a time only 10 people can be accommodated in the temple. One can also take blessings from the numerous gods resting in their sanctums near the main temple.

It is easily reachable from Chopta with a trek of 3.5 KM. After reaching Tungnath, one can have a sip of coffee or tea from the small lodges sited along the route to the temple. Then, Chandrashila peak is just 1.5 kms away. Here, Ganga is devoted in a small temple. In addition, one can capture superb vistas of Panchachulis, Neelkanth, Chaukhamba and Bandarpoonch peaks on the camera for long lasting memories.


Attitude: 2286m/7500 ft

Setting: Standing high in the Garhwal Himalayan Mountains in Uttarakhand

Fable has it the face of Shiva materialized at Rudranath Temple after Bhim tried to stop him (in the form of bull) from disappearing into the earth. It is believed that devotees taking tough Yatra to this holy shrine never go back home with empty hands rather get a blessings from Lord Shiva, which means fulfilling every wishes.

Unfolding the grand and imposing splendor of magical surroundings, the 21 KM trek for reaching Rudranath starts from Saggar, positioned 2 kms from Gopeshwar. There are many paranormal appeals surrounding the temple are Chandra Kund, Manas Kund, Nanda Gunti and Trishul.


Altitude: – 2200m /7,217.8 ft

Setting: – Situated in the beautiful Urgam valley in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand

Last shrine in the Panch Kedar Yatra, Kalpeshwar is the only among all the other temples that remain opened round the year. Here, hair and head of Lord Shiva is worshipped by the devotees thronging from all around the world. Since this destination is a favored location of meditating ascetics, one can experience the charm of a celebrated spot.

Blessed with thick woods, perfect ambience, lively gorges and pure streams, one will be astonished to come across such a beauty on the earth.