Peace Trips.

Camp In Chopta

A stop over for your next adventure, a hide out for the spiritual seeker in you, a quiet escape for the battered urban mind, or a muse corner for the reclusive artist in you, Camp PeaceTrips, located in Bulkhana, serves a rest house for the feet, soul and heart alike.

A nature lover, spiritual seeker, nomadic soul, adventurer, artist, photographer or a travel enthusiast, the quaint little village of Bulkhana, Chopta (2850 meters above sea level) nestled in the Kedarnath WildLife Sanctuary in the Himalayas, has something to offer everyone who wanders into its midst, that would feed the soul and set it free!

Nestled in the enchantment of Rhododendron forests, rustic mudhuts and romantic cottages set besides a crystal blue mountain stream, you wake up to a day full of possibilities. Be it a challenging trek to Chandrashila or an exploratory walk through the camp to a hidden waterfall you will not run short of memories and experiences here that you want to savour for life.

Bringing to life, the true essence being ‘far away from the maddening crowds’ the Camp, located deep within Kedarnath Musk Deer Santurary’s Rhododendron and Oak Forests, blends into the surrounding landscape with its rustic design and eco-friendly construction and offers panoramic views of the Himalayas and the countryside.


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We Give The Best Hotel Facilities.

A photographer’s paradise, a bird watcher’s quiet hide out and a recluse’s secret garden, the Camp paints a unique picture for each of its guests, but the ones painted by the skies, with myriad hues beat them all, every dawn, day and dusk!

Come, stay at Camp PeaceTrips and breathe in life, one hue, one chirp, one faint fragrance at a time!

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