Nandi Kund – Ghiya Vinayak Pass

Welcome to 13 days of unrivalled visual extravaganza that is the Himalayas, the home of serenity and natural splendour, where peace is in the very air you breathe. And it is scented with fresh flowers, the likes of which you have never seen nor smelt.

The closest your mortal shell will get to the heavens above is at the mountain summit, the world below will look far away and will at times disappear while the stars will shine brightly and you will know why our galaxy is called the milky way, the mountains will make a believer out of any skeptic.

It is the combination of adventure, unparalleled beauty of nature, solitude, temples and places having spiritual vibes and the opportunity to interact with godmen that entice and drag us there.This journey will take us through three of the five Kedars. Nandikund is a beautiful high altitude lake located at 15800 mtrs surrounded by pristine snow covered peaks and getting there involves crossing the 17,400 mtrs high Ghiya Vinayak pass.

The Nandikund – Ghiya Vinayak Pass trek is a gem of a trek in the lap of the Himalayas of Uttrakhand. Offering close views of Chaukhaba, Mandani and views as far as the Panpatia Snow field, Neelkanth, Parvati and that of the elegant Nanda Devi etc, from the top of Ghiya Vinayak pass, the Nandikund – Ghiya Vinayak Pass trek is just superb and a must do for all the Himalayan High Seekers.

Duration: 12 Days, Rishikesh to Rishikesh
Altitude: 5250m
Grade: Strenuous
Best Time: May End – June, Sep – Early October
Terrain: Forest, alpine meadows, rocky, snow field
Start Point: Ransi
End Point: Urugam


Day 1.

Arrive In Ransi (2100m ), Via – Guptkashi (1320m ), Ukhimath (1310m ). 7 – 8 Hrs. 197 Kms.

Overnight In: Ransi (2100m ).

Day 2.

From Ransi (2100m ) To Bantoli (2700m ), Via – Gaundhar (2850m ) . 4 – 5 Hrs. 8 Kms.

Overnight In: Bantoli (2700m ).

Day 3.

From Bantoli (2700m ) To Madhyameshwar (3500m ), Via – Nanu Chatti (2720m ), Kun Chatti (2780m ). 4 – 5 Hrs. 8 Kms.

Overnight In: Madhyameshwar (3500m ).

Day 4.

From Madhyamaheshwar (3500m ) To Kachni Dhar (4400m ) . 5 – 6 Hrs. 9 Kms.

Overnight In: Kachni Dhar (4400m ).

Day 5.

From Kachni Dhar (4400m ) To Pandavsera (4100m ) . 5 – 6 Hrs. 9 Kms.

Overnight In: Pandavsera (4100m ).

Day 6.

From Pandavsera (4100m ) To Barma Bugiyal (4100m ), Via – Nandi Kund (4800m ), Ghiya Vinayak Pass (5250m ). 7 – 8 Hrs. 12 Kms.

Overnight In: Barma Bugiyal (4100m ).

Day 7.

From Barma Bugiyal (4100m ) To Bansi Narayan (3500m ) . 6 – 7 Hrs. 14 Kms.

Overnight In: Bansi Narayan (3500m ).

Day 8.

From Bansi Narayan (3500m ) To Urgaon (2000m ) . 6 – 7 Hrs. 12 Kms.

Overnight In: Urgaon (2000m ).

Day 9.

From Urgum (2000m ) To Chopta (2850m ) . 4 Hrs. 100 Kms.

Overnight In: Chopta (2850m ).

Day 10.

Relax in Chopta.

Overnight In: Chopta.

Day 11.

From Chopta (2850m ) To Tungnath (4100m ) . 5 Hrs. 7 Kms.

Overnight In: Chopta.

Day 12.

Relax in Chopta.

Overnight In: Chopta.

Day 13.

From Chopta to Rishikesh. 7 hrs. 220 kms.

Overnight In: Rishikesh / Train.