Kuari Pass – Lord Curzon’s Trail

Kuari pass means the Doorway. Beautiful oak forest trails, rare views of Nanda Devi ,picturesque meadows makes this one of the most beautiful and varied treks in the Himalayas. Discovered by Lord Curzon, . this trek is also referred to as Lord Curzon’s trail. As you cross the tree live, the Oak forests gradually merge into Bugyals or meadows . At 12,000 feet you get to experience the meadow – ridge walk on Chitrakantha. Each season offers a completely different and varied experience of this trek. Colors change from lush green post monsoon to golden in autumn and snow white in the winter. Fresh blooms and melting snow greets the trekkers in spring while summer provides comfortable temperatures to climb.

The key highlight of the trek is that you get a 360-degree view of several majestic Himalayan peaks . It offers the view of peaks from 7000 meters club including Trishul (7120m), Kamet (7756m), Nanda Devi (7817m), Chaukhamba (7128m), and the majestic twin peaks of Nanda Devi East (7434m).

Duration: 7 Days, Chopta to Rishikesh
Altitude: 12516 ft
Grade: Easy
Best Time: All year round
Terrain: Forest, alpine meadows, rocky, snow field
Start Point: Karchi
End Point: Auli


Day 1.

Drive from Rishikesh to Chopta – 220 km – 6-7 hrs.

Arrive at Camp Ringaal by PeaceTrips for Lunch. Settle down for the day.

Day 2.

Drive from Peacetrips to Karchi 116km 4-5 hrs

Trek from Karchi to Akhrotghetta | 2.75 km | 3-4 hrs | Altitude gain: 7,313 ft to 9,265 ft.

Day 3.

Climb from Akhrotghetta to Khullara | Trek Distance: 2.5 km | Duration: 3-4 hours.

Altitude gain: 9,265 ft to 11,014 ft.

Day 4.

Khullara to Tali via Kuari Pass Trek distance: 7.65 km | Duration: 8 hours

Altitude gain and loss: 11,014 ft to 12,598 ft and down to 10,889 ft.

Day 5.

Tali to Auli/Joshimath | Trek distance: 8.10 km | Duration: 6 hours.

Altitude loss: 10,889 ft to 9,390 ft.

Day 6.

Drive back from Joshimath to Rishkesh.