The Tungnath Chandrashila Trek


5 kms one way from Chopta & the camp, both. This trek can take 6 hrs to 10 hrs to complete, depending on the walking speeds and time taken in playing / photography etc.

the steep trek to Tungnath at an altitude of 3650 meters is a mere 3.5 kms. The Chandrashila peak at 4150 meters beckons 1.5 kms further where the majestic 360 degree view of the Himalayas awaits. Though the distances aren't much, the climb is assured to be a satisfying pilgrimage. Sliding on the snow on your way back is a fruit of your labour we exhort you enjoy.

Rhododendron, the state tree of the state of Uttarakhand, reminds of a strawberry cluster in a milk bowl, when it has freshly snowed. The name itself is beautiful beyond belief, after all it does mean Rose Tree in Ancient Greek.

Watch towers to give you that extra height when you really want to peer over a cliff and waterfalls that keep going in either direction will give you that vertigo you used to experience as a child when the Jhula in the park went higher than you'd anticipated. The cities might be a few decades old but it is here in this ancient landscape that you will rediscover the kid you once were.

Chopta – Tungnath – Chandrashila Trek