The Anusuiya Devi Temple and Atri Muni Cave Trek


The drive to the base of the trek is through 24 Kms of dense magical forests brimming with exotic flora and fauna. From the base Mandal, the village of Anusuiya is a gradual uphill trek of 5 Kms. It’s the birth place of Lord Dattatreya and Sage Durvasa, born to Saptarishi Atri and his wife Anusuiya.

The Atri Muni Waterfall will test your mettle, and we assure you that your heart will surely skip a beat if not a few.

Fresh juices, chocolates and dry fruits ensure that when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

And heading back to the vehicle right after might turn into a race, for a bonfire with a scrumptious barbeque awaits.

Pat yourself on the back when the sun sets and watch the multitude of stars before you retire, their sheer number provides us with our daily dose of humility.