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The Himalayas are one of the best places for bird watchers, because of the rarity and variety of birds that are spotted amongst the highest peaks and valleys of the world. Chopta is probably the brightest example of Himalayan birding, acting as a wonderful base for bird watchers who feel a peck of delight at the sight of these flapping beauties.

There are a varied number of exotic and amazing bird species found in Chopta. It is estimated that about 240 different bird species are found around this region which has also been declared as an Important Bird Area.

One can spot in Chopta the bird species that has often been voted as the most beautiful bird, the Himalayan Monal. This beautifully colored petite bird is a delight to sore eyes. Other birds that can be seen in Chopta, include the Snow Patridge, Himalayan Griffon, Himalayan Swiftlet, Mountain Hawk eagle, Grey headed woodpeckers, Himalayan Bluetail, Blue Whistling Thrush, Rufous Breasted Accentor and the Himalayan Buzzard amongst many others.

The Kalij Pheasants, Kocklass pheasants, Russets sparrows, spotted doves and grey Bushcat are commonly found here. However, it is the Blue whistling Thrush that is seen around almost all water sources in the area.

Other birds that are seen in and around Chopta include, the Grey crested tits, chestnut bellied rock thrush, Himalayan vulture, White collared blue bird, Rufous bellied woodpecker, Himalayan woodpecker, Mistle thrush, White throated laughing thrushes, Black headed Jay, Black faced warbler, Pygmy Wren Babbler, Golden eagle, Fire capped tit, Bush robin, Yellow rumped Honeyguide and many more.