Welcome to Peace Trips

There is a lot that can happen in a life time - you can soar like an eagle hang from a horizontal ceiling using only one of your 10 toes or even tame a wild river. Just step out, exhale fear; inhale freedom & don't look back.
Experience the limitless world of Peace Trips - Do what you love! Explore new horizons!
With our mix of activities, we are sure to get you to feel the adrenaline.
Go dare!!

White Water Rafting :
Location Rishikesh, Uttrakhand
Best Season May to July; September to November Cost - INR 3500

Paragliding and Paramotoring :
Paragliding flights - Manali (H.P.) Short flight (2-3 min) INR 600 800 (price varies depending on the season) Long flight (15-20 min) INR 1500 2200 (price varies depending on the season)
Paramotoring flights Moorthal (Haryana) Short flight (3 min) INR 1800/- Long flight (10 min) INR 3600/-

Skiing :
Location Auli, Uttarakhand. Best Season December to March.
Cost - INR 700 per day ( includes equipment and instructor cost)

Rock Sports - Rock climbing, Rapelling, Zip wire, Traverse :
Location Delhi/ NCR & Uttarakhand. Best Season January to June, September to December.

Mountain Biking :
Location Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. Best Season September to June.

Safety ranks as our top priority.We use the best in-class equipment that meets international standards.All our adventure gear is UIAAA-Certified.
Our instructors, too, come equipped with relevant training and experience from reputed institutes institutes as NIM, Uttarkashi, HMI, Darjeeling or our professionals from overseas.